CDR-U Coaching

We offer two competitive program packages:

Accelerated Power Coaching


Accelerated Power Coaching PLUS

Accelerated Power Coaching
CDR-U’s Accelerated Power coaching is for those leaders who are ready to move forward from the first session. We don’t waste your time “getting to know you” for weeks and months. With our revolutionary tools, we can cut to the chase with productive insights and feedback with our Accelerated Power Coaching.

The CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® is a revolutionary tool that equips executives and leaders to dig deeper “beneath the surface”, beyond external observations. The CDR 3-D Suite offers an inside-out clear focus of a leader’s:

  • character and leader acumen (including emotional intelligence)
  • risks factors that can sabotage effectiveness and lead to derailment
  • personal drivers, motivation, and values

These insights help executives move forward faster to accurately formulated and impactful action plans. One comprehensive Accelerated Power Coaching Session will better prepare leaders to move to clear cut developmental action plans than what many professional coaches can barely touch on in 3 to 6 months of coaching time. Accelerate your leadership development success with CDR-U.

Accelerated Power Coaching PLUS
3 to 5 Months Coaching Engagement –
(8 hours of coaching time with 2 comprehensive assessments and action plan)

  • Accelerated Power Coaching Session I Debrief CDR 3-D Suite results – 2.5 hours
  • Coaching Feedback Session II – Debrief the 360® Leader ScanTM – The Distance between Intent
    & Impact Our proprietary 360® Leader ScanTM allows those impacted by a leader’s performance to provide candid, relevant feedback. With this tool, executives get a reading on how their performance behaviors and communication affects others. Executives may include up to 15 input providers for this online feedback process. This is an essential tool to understand “external” perceptions that can significantly impact one’s career successes and/or failures. This debriefing session typically takes 2.5 hours and results are linked to the CDR 3-D Suite.
  • Developmental Action Planning Coaching Session (1 hour)
  • Coaching Dialogue Sessions (check in points – total of 2 hours dialogue generally by telephone)
  • Extended Coaching Services Option –
    Additional coaching contact hours and consulting processes can be expanded to include more face-to-face follow-up coaching sessions, facilitated developmental feedback sessions, strategic leader team development sessions, and more. Fees will be determined based on the specific terms of extended coaching/consulting services. These additional services may be advised when there are major organizational challenges/changes underway, for situations where a career intervention is needed, when the rapid optimization of strategic talent is imperative, or when the situation analysis calls for heightened coaching/consulting support.

This executive coaching package being offered by CDR-U is for those leaders who have the courage and commitment to get serious about personal growth. This process is an invigorating, eye-opening process that digs deeper, beyond traditional development methods, to get at what matters most about being the best. The break-through assessment tools fast forwards the coaching process so that executives do not waste precious time, energy or funds trying to develop in broad or nonproductive ways. Feedback is not soft-pedaled or generic.

The CDR-U Coach will help the leader to make the essential connections between their intent and impact on how performance behaviors are resonating with key stakeholders. In this way, leaders are able to validate their learning action plans, prioritize development, and create a process for productive developmental discussions with stakeholders.