Client Successes

Our Clients

Our clients come from all sectors:  financial/banking, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, energy, health care, chemical, pharmaceutical, retail, technology, food, communications, service, restaurant, consulting, federal government and academia.

Department of Defense
The components of this project include:  CDR 3-D Suite (assessment), developmental coaching (and training/certification of internal coaches), team development sessions, research analysis (based on the results of the assessments), linking CDR Assessments to ECQs, and building the CDR Assessment and myLADR Web Interface in this project.  Once the coaching feedback and debrief of the CDR 3-D Suite is completed, DOD leaders are able to confidentially access their personal developmental recommendations, via their assessment results linked to ECQs, within the myLADR portal.

Global Banking Investment Company – Asia / Pacific & UK
We provided one-to-one coaching feedback sessions to debrief the CDR 3-D Suite for over 200 high potential leaders in this global investment banking firm since 2010.  We also provided leadership capability analysis and training design services for the leadership development workshops.

Global Chemical Company
Selected to provide custom leadership development program for top 140 global executives providing CDR 3-D Suite and individual coaching, design and facilitate series of two-day Authentic Leadership workshops, and follow up coaching to support action plan development.

Alaskan Native Healthcare Tribal Consortium – ANTHC
We provided assessment and executive coaching services for senior executive team and conducted two offsite team development sessions.  Designed and conducted Authentic Leadership workshops for top 120 leaders and conduct physician leader sessions.  Provide coaching feedback certification workshops (for the CDR 3-D Suite) for ANTHC’s internal coaches.

Retail – Pharmacy
We conducted assessment and executive coaching of top executives and developed and facilitated strategic executive talent development and succession planning analysis for this Canadian-based organization.

Statewide Dental Association
Leadership Development Continuum – Members of the statewide dental association who participate in the Leadership Development Continuum receive in-depth assessments and coaching from CDR’s certified executive coaches. During the one year period, participants experience six custom-designed leader workshops with application assignments along the way. These workshops help participants identify their own leadership strengths and weaknesses and equip them with the tools necessary to become better leaders. Participants, with support from their executive coaches, chart their action plan for growth and development, helping them to establish performance measures and milestones.

Medical Device Manufacturing & Distribution
A global firm specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of urological medical devices has utilized the CDR 3-D Suite and services since 1999.  Our Suite is used for leadership development and coaching, leadership staffing decisions, sales selection and for various research studies.  We have conducted in-house certification and other development training programs for this company.  They also utilize our 360 Leader Scan™ for leadership performance and development feedback.  Based upon client’s European market needs, we developed our CDR 3-D Suite translations in:  German, French, Italian and Spanish.