How to Become a CDR-U Coach

Executive Coaches’ Certification Program using CDR 3-D Suite®

Our tools increase your coaching and leader development capabilities and your competitive edge.  Our service lightens your load by providing you with support you never knew existed.

Our assessments are unlike any other tools — just ask our clients.  The CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite®  is an unparalled executive coaching feedback tool revealing essential, accurate and compelling information about a leader’s

  • Character, Acumen & EQ
  • Risk Factors for Derailment
  • Drivers & Reward Needs

“Thank you for the feedback reports.  I’ve been a research psychologist, executive and consultant over the past 30 years and can honestly say that this is the most thought-provoking and insightful psychometric feedback that I’ve ever had.  I was especially impressed by the ability of the CDR Risk Assessment to identify fairly subtle situational issues, while the narratives display great behavioral and organizational insights.  I believe these instruments are breakthrough products which potentially offer a significant value added for coaching and counseling purposes.”– Neville Osrin, Director of Professional Studies, University of Exeter in the Centre for Leadership Studies

While ideal for coaching, the CDR 3-D Suite can be used for succession planning, strategic team diagnostics and team building, selection, rewards design, and more.

During the certification process, we help coaches understand how 360 data links to the CDR 3-D Suite.  We offer the 360 Leader Scan™ — an online multi-rater feedback tool that is used in the workshop for demonstration purposes.

Our goal is to build relationships that help.


A walk through the certification process…

Certification begins with your own confidential coaching feedback session with a CDR coach using CDR 3-D Suite.   Not only is this a great jump-start to the learning process, you will gain new personal insights to insure that your practice is ideally positioned. We help you focus on your best strengths, find ways to neutralize risks and short sides, and to fulfill your career needs.

Think about it ­– when was the last time you took time out for your own personal and professional development?

Post-feedback, the Workshop design is an intense two-day practical learning session. Executive coaches spend most of their time interpreting actual profiles of leaders.  We know that your time is precious and are serious about our coaches getting the most out of this session.

After you attend the Workshop, we provide you with one complimentary CDR 3-D Suite for your initial coaching feedback session.  Before “going live” with your first feedback recipient, we request that you review the profile with one of our instructors.


Ongoing Support & Service

Once you are certified, our support and service really kicks into a consistently high gear.  We:

  • promptly have one of our expert master coaches respond to your calls and messages – not merely an “account rep” or sales representative (we don’t have these)
  • help you think through the benefits and challenges of incorporating CDR Assessments into LD/OD/HR initiatives based upon your interest levels
  • are there to answer your questions about assessment interpretations administration, and to brainstorm with you, if that’s what you need
  • provide you with educational and practical updates and newsletters
  • include you in our network of internationally certified coaches
  • share helpful research insights or project outcomes that may benefit your organization
  • assist you in designing (or delivering)  internal presentations or training sessions related to CDR Assessments
  • provide you support in program design when helpful
  • routinely provide application guidance and suggestions so that you can maximize your client services and performance
  • serve you  in a coaching advocate role – and as your sounding board as needed
  • offer higher level CDR Assessment workshops/modules  in areas such as:  strategic team diagnostics, critical interventions,  research and staffing issues & retention, etc.
  • will consider customizing special reports, projects and research initiatives  to incorporate your corporate identity and cultural needs
  • won’t sell you more than you need – we help you ascertain the best value and essential services that are best suited to reach your goals
  • don’t charge for assessment supplies or for nit-picky administrative items
  • have rapid turn-around (generally under 24 hours) for processing of assessment reports
  • provide you with coaching support behind the scenes