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Leadership Retreats Help Women Navigate Past Risks for Executive Success Offered by CDR Assessment Group and The Alexcel Group

Let’s face it, leadership isn’t easy. For women leaders, the challenges can be steep, while support may seem hit or miss—that is, until now.

CDR Assessment Group, Inc. and The Alexcel Group have announced a series of Women’s Leadership Retreats to offer a novel solution designed to help women get past the obstacles to success. They personalize development to hone in on what each woman leader needs most to maximize her potential, while neutralizing risks that could otherwise undermine her success.

“The facts are clear that women’s rise to senior executive positions has barely increased over the past decade, so our plan to help women expedite and sustain their success,” says Nancy Parsons, President of Tulsa-based CDR Assessment Group and Alexcel Group member. She adds, “you might be wondering—why a ‘women’s only’ retreat? The reason is that while women and men both have the capability of being highly effective leaders and executives, women often have a different set of inherent risks and challenges than their male counterparts. This Retreat gives women participants the opportunity to focus on their unique strengths and risks.”

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