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Stop guessing about your organization’s true talent and future business success by learning about CDR Assessment Group’s products and services.  Learn how our products, such as the premier CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® and the 360° Leader Scan™ as well as our services such as leadership development, talent management, coaching, and selection tools can enhance your organization’s ROI and improve overall performance. This webinar is a courtesy of CDR-U for HR professionals. All webinars are scheduled for 11am—12:30 CST


  • Orientation to the CDR 3-D Suite
  • Introduction to Strategic Executive Team Analysis & Alignment
  • Measuring Inherent Personality-based Leader Risks Impact using 360 Feedback
  • The Business Case for Building a Diverse Leadership Competency Model
  • Human Assets You Have — Finding & Development Hidden Talent
  • How Men & Women Leader Risks Differ and What to Do About It
  • Understanding Your Performance Fuel to Maximize Performance and Personal Satisfaction
  • Understanding how CDR 3-D Suite Results Link to the Federal Government’s Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)
  • Orientation to Using the CDR 3-D Suite for Selection Screening
  • Sales Selection that Boosts the Bottom Line
  • How to Recognize & Neutralize Leaders Who Are Prone to Cross Ethical Boundaries

CDR Leadership Risk Webinars:

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  • How Inherent Risk Factors Are Interfering With YOUR Success
  • Opening Up to Feedback & Keeping the EGO in Check
  • Worrier’s Top Ten List of Leader Tactics to Fret No More
  • The Cynic’s Tightrope: Healthy Skepticism vs. Harmful Mistrust
  • Why Pleaser’s Finish Last – and What To Do About It!
  • Leadership Disconnect: Hiding & Ignoring Problems
  • When Marching to your Own Beat Undermines Your Credibility
  • How Hidden Agendas & Working Behind the Scenes Holds You Back
  • Are You a Wrecking Ball or a Change Agent?
  • Micro-Managers, Control Freaks & Nit Pickers Welcomed!
  • Drama, Drama, Drama – When Hogging the Airtime Goes Too Far
  • Diffusing Emotional Outbursts & Energy

Presentations, Speaking Engagements & White Papers

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Professional Development & Certification

  • Coaches/Consultants’ CDR 3-D Suite Certification – 2 day workshop with pre and post session assignments
  • Advanced Coaches/Consultants’ Training
  • Succession Planning, Custom Training Designs, Selection Process, Design & Facilitate Strategic Team Development
  • Webinars for Coaches (Variety of Topics)

In Person Speaking Engagement & Presentations

  • All  topics are available for group presentations for professional organizations, educational forums, leadership associations and Veterans’ organizations.

Community Service Presentations*

  • Career Day Presentations for Elementary Schools Are Available
  • “Finding Your Sweet Spot” is a presentation available for high school, college students and other educational vocationally orientated.

*Please note that community service presentations are scheduled based on CDR-U staff availability and locations.

Ways to Work with CDR-U

  • Become a Coach with CDR-U’s Coaches Certification Workshop
  • Become a reseller of our products
  • Stay connected with CDR-U Leaders & Coaches Connections Blog

Learning Materials Available

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  • Why Use CDR Assessments for Selection Screening
  • FAQs — Why Use CDR Assessments for Selection Screening
  • CDR Assessments Technical Manual
  • CDR Risk Assessment Developmental Reference Guide
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • CDR-U Blog
  • White Papers
  • Inquiry Discussion with Senior Consultant
  • Membership to myCDR-U


  • Coaches’ Certification Manual
  • 360 Leader Scan
  • CDR 3-D Suite (and separate reports)
  • Team Development Written Analysis
  • PowerPoint Slide Presentations