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What difficulties prevent leaders fron being authentic at work and in the marketplace?

What difficulties prevents leaders from being authentic at work and in the marketplace?

Many leader have been “conforming” to others standards and expectations for so long that they lose a sense of their “authentic talent”.  There are some that try to hide who they are due to fear. There are those that hide who they are because they think they can succeed better by doing so. Yet others are just trying to play up to what they think others want to see.  Then there are some that are in the wrong jobs — so they are doing all they can to just to survive and meet the job requirements despite their own intrinsic profiles and needs.

We try to help leaders refocus on who they are — authentically.   We offer “Authentic Leadership Workshops” which begins with coaching and assessment of each leader so that they get in touch with their “authentic strengths, risks and needs” prior to attending the  2-day workshop.  Then, the workshop is then custom designed based on the specific needs and profiles of the leaders attending each program.

Nancy E. Parsons, President

CDR Assessment Group, Inc.



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