Workshop Coaches

Workshops for Leaders, HR and Talent Management Professionals


The time has come to move away from the pack. Certification with the CDR 3-D Suite will move you to a new level of coaching success.

This unmatched coaching tool, along with a highly skilled executive coach (you), equips leaders to quickly dig deeper than traditional instruments to gain essential and productive insights.

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The CDR 3-D Suite measures a leader’s:

  • Character – acumen, emotional intelligence, strengths
  • Risk Factors – inherent risks that can derail even the most promising career
  • Drivers & Rewards – motivational needs and values important for retention

The CDR Coaches’ Certification Process includes:

  • Pre-requisite – coach participants take the CDR 3-D Suite and have 2.5 hour coaching feedback session in advance of the workshop
  • Two-Day Workshop with expert instructor
  • Materials – manual, templates, leadership development action plans, and actual case studies
  • Complimentary CDR 3-D Suite – for practice leader coaching session after the workshop
  • Marketing Kit – to help you promote your practice with CDR tools
  • Post Workshop Review – participants review their practice session preparation with an instructor before “going live” with client

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