CDR-U Coach

A virtual solution for the modern enterprise

Your Development Toolbox Is Getting An Upgrade!

CDR-U Coach is a multifaceted learning platform that encompasses both the deep dive research reflected in the CDR 3-D Suite tool with the technology that allows for multi-media coaching feedback.

CDR-U Coach provides a level of individualized insight that continuously enriches career development and serves as reference points throughout the professional lifecycle of every employee and therefore builds a stronger, more productive work environment.

How it Works

4 Easy Steps


Take the CDR 3-D Suite Assessment.


On the CDR-U Coach Platform, select a personal avatar coach to deliver the unique debrief.


Virtual debriefs are self paced and available anytime.


Upon completing the debrief, users receive the results in the CDR Data Report and can begin action planning immediately.

What Sets Us Apart

CDR-U Coach works across your organization, is available 24/7 and crucially backed by the science of personality and motivation.  Best yet, it is brought to you by a company who has provided cutting-edge leadership and talent development services designed with the foremost psychological insights and applied business know-how.

A Deeply Attuned Algorithm

With a process that’s innately individualized, no two assessment results are alike.

The CDR 3-D Suite deeply attuned algorithm is designed to uncover personality traits, characteristics, risk factors, and motivation. No other assessment comes close to the depth and universal application of the data.

  • Improve employee performance and engagement at all levels
  • Retain high potentials
  • Deliver personalized development actions plans for all within your organization
  • Develop more managers from the middle level down
  • Better team fit and cohesion
  • Identify and develop new leaders