CDR-U Coach

An integrated virtual solution for the modern enterprise

Your Coaching Toolbox Is About To Get An Upgrade!

CDR-U Coach is the multifaceted learning platform that encompasses both the deep dive research reflected in the CDR 3-D Suite tool with the technology that allows for multi-media coaching feedback.

CDR-U Coach provides a level of individualized insight that continuously enriches career development and serves as reference points throughout the professional lifecycle of every employee and therefore builds a stronger, more productive work environment.

Development Journey - in 4 Easy Steps

Log into the CDR-U Coaching Platform to take the assessments.

Answer a series of questions that allow the CDR-U Coach to diagnose & identify the key drivers of their personality, motivations and risk behaviors over 3 modules that can be taken at any time. 

Once completed, users select the virtual coach they want to do their debrief with.  The Avatar coach is programmed to have the most detailed knowledge of each individual to guide them toward performance success and a clear career path that is fulfilling and sustaining.

Virtual debriefs are self-paced and available at any time. Complete it all at once, or break it up over several sections whenever convenient.


After the completion of the virtual debrief, users have an immediate action plan as well as a detailed report of their results.

No two results have ever been the same, and a user’s personalized action plan is entirely unique. This fingerprint – unchanging overtime – delivers a roadmap throughout an employee’s professional life. 

Because the data is steeped in science, users are more apt to trust and digest the honest feedback and are able to shift their thinking and approach to improving their interactions and strategies at work.

CDR-U Coach works across your organization, is available 24/7 and crucially backed by the science of personality and motivation. Better yet, it is brought to you by a company that has been at the forefront of learning, growing and delivering profound assessments since 1998.

A personalized experience that spans all departments and gives you the tools to focus on developing the critical middle and other valued employees.  

By Leveraging CDR Assessment Group’s scientifically backed CDR-3D suite and in-person executive coaching, we’re applying our proven development methods and making them accessible for the entire employee population.  

From the C-Suite down to teams and individual contributors, harness your competitive edge by aligning each employee with the opportunity to discover their potential, optimizing teams and creating a highly engaged workforce. 

Use the power of CDR-U Coach for your entire organization

  • Improve Employee Performance and Engagement at all levels
  • Retain High Potentials
  • Deliver personalized development actions plans for all within your organization
  • Develop more managers from the middle level down
  • Better team fit and cohesion
  • Identify and develop new leaders

Uncover the science and hidden truths behind what motivates your workforce