“A recent international client reported 97% improved self- awareness for their leaders who went through our accelerated coaching feedback process.”

What sets us apart…

Doing “It” Better
CDR-U provides refreshing, authentic, useful and productive leadership, team and talent development services. We are not like the rest of the pack. We don’t offer generic, off-the-shelf, or feel-good hug fests. We are candid, direct, and equip clients at the front end with essential personal insights and information to build the most effective game plan.

In addition, we don’t focus on charming the socks off of clients nor do we offer glamorous, glitzy superficial sales pitches – we focus how our custom built services will impact our client’s bottom line and each leader’s performance inpact. We provide the boutique service feeling for our clients while providing results that are powerful, impactful, positive and sustainable.

And perhaps, most important, we tell the truth. We cut to the chase by developing leaders and professionals in ways that are designed to focus on their individual needs, strengths, gifts, risks, vulnerabilities, and needs. We don’t sugar coat or evade tough, real life issues. Effective development is not about us blathering on about leadership concepts, semantics or theoretical constructs. Frankly, everyone knows what exceptional leaders should do. People just have trouble “doing it.” This is where we come in. We help leaders, from wherever each leader is coming from, to “do it” better.

We help leaders become the best, most productive and fulfilled that they can be. Sometimes career paths get on the wrong track or wander aimlessly in lackluster and unrewarding ways. We help each individual find or rediscover their own “sweet spots” and begin development from there, helping them to minimize risks and to prevent wasting energy along the way. So, while our feedback is unusually direct and, at moments, tough to hear, leaders find the process invigorating and eye-opening – helping them to gain better self-awareness and improvement.