Alleviating the Fears of AI Coaching

In a recent article titled: “Three Considerations about Technology-Enabled Feedback," authors Angela Lane (VP of Global Talent) and Sergey Gorbatov (Director, General Manager Development) of AbbVie cautioned, “AI in feedback is promising but there still needs to be a human touch… People need a personal connection.”

This is a wise caution indeed. However, I am delighted to report that we have jumped past that threshold of concern with CDR-U Coach. This AI-like coaching experience provides in-depth personalized feedback based on data – one’s CDR 3-D Suite Assessment results – rather than robotic interpretations of isolated interactions. CDR-U Coach is defying the odds by alleviating the fears of a non-human coaching engagement, while still providing valuable and necessary feedback.

The feedback we received with regard to this concern was rather astonishing. For example, users reported that…

  • They preferred the avatar coach, feeling it was “safer” and “more candid” since the avatar was “judgement free.”
  • The avatar coach eliminated potential defensive reactions on their part.
  • The avatar coach gave them time to digest the information. The ability to pause and resume allowed them to contemplate the feedback without the hindrance of an initial emotional response.
  • Despite the feedback coming from a non-human avatar, the messages were so personalized that it felt almost real. One user shared, “It’s amazing what the avatars can do. In some ways, they know you better than you know yourself.”

We believe in the power of live coaching and will always have it available for those who need it. But now, with CDR-U Coach, live coaching engagements can become even more impactful by digging deeper into the initial insights presented during the online experience.

We did not develop CDR-U Coach to replace the traditional in-person coaching model. Rather, it allows us to deliver essential feedback to those who would otherwise never receive it.

Nancy Parsons

President, CDR-U